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Blue Streak Custom Coffee Roasters started with the simple idea of having coffee roasted the way you want it, not the way someone else thinks you should have it. There are many roast levels and profiles. Because we all have our own opinion, you get to have what you want. That’s it.


Blue Streak is a micro roaster on the Mid-coast of Maine near Belfast and Camden. Blue Streak Custom Roasters is all about roasting the way the customer wants it. We’ve developed a numbering system for our roasts: No. 1, a Super light roast all the way up to No. 9, which is a super dark roast (espresso). I did this for myself as well as for the folks who have a discerning palate and who understands and appreciates the differences.


I started roasting coffee around 2005. I was no longer living in a big city where I could get multiple verities of coffee roasted daily, so I began roasting at home to have the freshest coffee I could drink from the most flavorful beans I could find. For ten years I bought green coffee from Sweet Maria’s, a California Importer that sells to the Home Roaster. I bought in 1 lb increments so I could try coffee from all over the world and experiment with different roast profiles. It was an extraordinary journey that expanded my knowledge of coffee and helped developed my palate.

During this time of testing and tasting, I began to realize that there are more variations than Light, Medium and Dark Roasts. There is a whole world of subtle differences and ranges of expression within each bean depending on how you roasted it! From this insight, I developed the Idea of roast numbers 1 – 9, 1 being the lightest and 9 the darkest. As a small micro roaster, this made it possible for my friends and family to have it their way, not just the way I happened to like it.

Along side my experimentation with roasting was the discovery of Specialty coffee. Only about 10 percent of world wide coffee production is Specialty. The rest is commodity. To gain knowledge of Specialty required learning about the specific growing regions with mostly small, amazing, independent farmers and a few large fincas (coffee plantations), along with their farming practices and washing and drying methods.

While traveling in Mexico, I discovered the coffee of Oaxaca. My mind was blown! This became my holy grail of specialty coffee. Grown at altitude and in volcanic loam, this bean has a sweetness and luxurious smoothness with chocolate and caramel undertones that can be enjoyed at all roast levels. In 2017 I acquired my first commercial roaster and began the next chapter. While I have a few other regional favorites, I’ve decided for now to just offer this Single Origin so you can have a consistent cup of coffee each and every time. I hope you will join my family and friends and try Blue Streak Coffee the way you like it. Let me know what’s your number!

JT Gibson


Owl & Elm Pub. 365 Main St., Yarmouth, ME 04096
Meanwhile In Belfast. 2 Cross St., Belfast, ME 04915
Lincolnville Center General Store, 269 Main St., Lincolnville, ME 04849
Wild Grace Farm Store, 5 Bolin Hill Extension Rd., Liberty, ME 04949
Toddy Pond Farm Store, Monroe, ME 04951
Unity Kitchen, 93 Main St. , Unity, ME 04988
Maine Street Meats, 310 Commercial St., Rockport, ME 04856
Full Fork Farm, 154 Dutton Rd. China, ME 04358
Bahner Farm, 153 Augusta rd., Belmont, ME 04952
Olde Haven Farm, 159 Tongus rd., Chelsea, ME 04330


Email: bluestreakroasters@gmail.com

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